Kattegat Zwolle

The graffiti artist created this project in a community in Holland. He painted the structures where the people are living in. He turned the grey structures into colorful and magical homes! The subject was based on cats, the sea and pirates. The graffiti work is used in the music clip video 'Roots Rising feat. Yoma - Wake up Now [Official Video 2020]'.

  • Project : Graffiti Containers
  • Client : Community Kattegat Holland
  • Project : Zwolle, Holland
The Beginning of Modern Art

Modern art makes it easy for the Artists to represent their novelty in expression about their impression of life in a more open and innovative way. The technological advances of the industrial revolution paved the way for new ideas that were emerging from the earlier school of thought. More expressive and novel ways to depict the scene. Enter modern art!