Man in the Pine Forrest

Artist Nigel Leirens painted the lockers in Ghent's Baudelo Park. Inspired by the journey people go through during their lives, with necessary ups and down, he paid tribute to those who are still looking for their own 'place'. With the coming week of poverty and the redevelopment of the park, an ideal opportunity arose to provide the lockers with some creativity! Thanks to the Department of Society & Welfare City of Ghent for the initiative.

  • Project : Graffiti Lockers
  • Client : City of Ghent & Wallin
  • Location : Ghent, Belgium
Pine tree symbolism 🌲🌲🌲

Pine trees are cultural symbols all around the world! Going back centuries, these special trees have a role in numerous cultures and folklore tales. For Native Americans, they represent wisdom and longevity. To other cultures, they represent fertility and life. A long time ago, in Northern Europe, pine trees (or firs) were decorated to celebrate the birth of Frey, the Norse god of the sun and fertility, at the end of the year. The tops of the trees were lit because in winter as the days were getting shorter. Northern people thought that doing so the light will attract the sun. This is also the origin of the Christmas tree. “In the countries around the world where pine trees grow, many legends, beliefs, and folklore surround this magnificent tree.” Aside from representing fertility, wisdom and longevity, the pine tree is a symbol of peace. Wherever this special tree grows, it will always be a tree that is featured in legends, and a tree that gives love, and hope. They are also source of inspiration. This artwork is commissioned for the city of Ghent, Belgium and @wallin_9000. 🕊️ These lockers give homeless people the opportunity to offer a safe place to store their belongings for 3 months in their search for a better place in the world. Beautifull universe. 🗝️🙏🕊️