The Raven

The Raven was one part of a big graffiti wall in Aalst. Nigel painted in collaboration with team Alosta (artists Waf, Locatelli, Maris and Tesda).

  • Work : Graffiti Mural
  • Client : Collaboration Alosta Team
  • Location : Aalst, Belgium
The Raven

Red Hot DNA strings background made by the paw of the one and only @wafalosta Because of its black plumage, croaking call and diet of carrion, the raven is often associated with loss and ill omen. Yet its symbolism is complex. As a talking bird, the raven also represents prophecy and insight. Ravens in stories often act as psychopomps, connecting the material world with the world of spirits. @nigel_leirens Graffiti made possible be the legendary " Waf Alosta" So much good vibes painting with the best you can find : - Waf - Tesda - Locatelli - Maris -