Desperados Rave Room Ostend Beach Festival

The artist worked for an event agency and made the decor for the Desperados Rave Room of Ostend Beach Festival. The theme had to be colourful, grunge, rave. This project shooted the artist back into time, where he started his story of graffiti and streetart.

  • Project : Graffiti Decor
  • Client : Mac21 / Ostend Beach Festival
  • Location : Ostend, Belgium
Desperados Rave Room 💥 At the wonderful @ostendbeach 2021.

For this assignment I was asked to come and paint a festival stage for the Desperados Rave Room., Surface 3 cm corrugated sheets, which is a particularly challenging surface for spray painting. But with the right technique you can convey this very nicely. And So I've started working with optical illusions on certain pieces to make the image stand out even more. I have worked with a certain color palette and fully immersed myself in the world of graffiti styling and Street art, also some grunge, rave and dance that have inspired me. So I started painting them days and nights in a large warehouse. And so they arrived well as planted. And the @mac21_agency put the big panel puzzle together. With much love and protection. The whole entourage, the lights, the atmosphere and the music will definitely add value to this magical experience And now they are the perfect location for these fantastic artists to shine at this unforgettable party at Desperados Rave room of Ostend Beach festival.