The Blue Jay and the Key

For this project Nigel went to Temse to paint some electricity boxes for 'Tour Elentric', a project of Treepack and several cities in Belgium. Artists paint the rather ugly and boring electricity boxes and turn them into little jewels. Nigel painted these boxes in a theme that is connected with the city of Temse: a jay, a key and keyhole.

  • Project : Graffiti Other
  • Client : City of Temse and Treepack
  • Location : Temse, Belgium
The Blue Jay and the Key This time we were guests in Temse to paint these two electrical boxes for Treepack and tour elentric. For inspiration I went to look at the coat of arms of Temse and I used the same key and the same color palette but then cast in a surrealistic idea. When Blue Jay starts chattering in your ear, listen closely. His is the secret of tapping your inner potential, imagination, and joy in making new discoveries about your true self. Blue Jay wants to teach you to trust in all the possibilities that can help you achieve your dreams. Blue Jay symbolism and meaning proves one of the most complex and powerful among the powerful birds you may work with. Need to pave a pathway to exceptional communication? Want to make the most of your potential? Blue Jay, as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal, can help!