Eye See the Magic Grid

Nigel was asked for an interview and a film to give a glimpse of the artist himself. He went to Ghent to the famous little street 'graffiti street (graffitistraatje) to paint this awesome piece of black and white art. You can see a magic grid with a staring eye. The magic grid a one of a kind tool the artist likes to work with. You can read details about this on his website.

  • Project : Graffiti Mural
  • Client : Free Work
  • Location : Ghent, Belgium
Eye see the magic grid. 👁️

63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63 Since childhood I have always been intrigued by the eye, understanding and mimicking it in a drawing once seemed like an ultimate drawing while now it is life. Seeing is a true spectacle, enjoy it and see, read and understand or ask yourself what you actually see because the beauty sometimes rushes by very quickly. I also had the honor of seeing a good friend from Istamboel named Vedat, I met this man at one of my favorite places, Verbeke foundation He now appears to live in Antwerp and working with video and reportage material, we were able to share an unforgettable day, it was a great collaboration in which he was able to document this wall from start to finish, I am already looking forward to the editing of this pro in his profession, feel free to take a look at his video skills on his page. @vhbeyaz 👁️ Eyes are probably the most important symbolic sensory organ. They can represent clairvoyance, omniscience, and/or a gateway into the soul. Other qualities that eyes are commonly associated with are: intelligence, light, vigilance, moral conscience, and truth. Looking someone in the eye is a western custom of honesty. Ps. Chek out the last two bonus photos where I had a quick chat with a passerby wearing cool sunglasses. a few seconds later I asked him, please stand still, this is to crazy for words... @nigel_leirens 👁️ 63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63x63