The Blindfolded Ouroboros

This graffiti mural was a collaboration in Ghent between 5 known graffiti artists. They all had a wall to give all what they've got at Santo. It was a graffiti jam in a weekend in April 2021. Go and check out these murals on the location!

  • Project : Graffiti Mural
  • Client : /
  • Location : Ghent, Belgium
The blindfolded ouroboros.👁️

777777777777777777777777777777777 The name ouroboros comes from Ancient Greek οὐροβόρος and means tail-eater. It is a symbol of alchemy and one of the oldest mythical symbols in the world. It occurs in Aztec mythology, Chinese mythology, and many others. The blindfold has been a powerful symbol in divination and mythology since the 15th century. In law, it is seen being worn by Lady Justice, to represent objectivity and impartiality. The blindfold as a symbol is also a common theme in tarot and other divination methods. It can represent themes of the victim, resistance to clarity, denial, or limited views. It is often accompanied by underlying themes of integrity and truth at a cost. Likewise, the icon of the blindfold can symbolize the dichotomy of the conscious and the unconscious, as wearing a blindfold represents a stasis or a lesser state of consciousness, whereas taking off one's blindfold represents a form of awakening or rebirth. It also represents connection to feeling over senses, emphasizing the importance of emotion over perception. 777777777777777777777777777777777 Today we flew into the weekend with a graffiti jam that will leave its side effects, brought by great talent from home soil.. We had a cocktail of great skills at Santo, som to paint, others to say hallo. I realy enjoyed seeing you all again. @ceepil @kymo_one @xuas_art @lobster_robin @kitsunejolene @solid_9.0