I’ve Seen the Sun go Down into the Sea

The artist did this graffiti project in the city of Middelkerke. The city wanted to update the grey view of the shopping street with an artwork of the sea, the dunes and two beach chairs. People can smell the summer already thanks to this beautiful piece of art!

  • Project : Graffiti Other
  • Client : City of Middelkerke and Treepack
  • Location : Middelkerke
I've seen the sun go down into the sea 🏖️🌅🦀

8888888888888888888888888888 For this assignment I am present on the Belgian coast in the city of Middelkerke. Here we go deeper into the story that brings people to the coast. The balance of life and the point where people look forward to their well-deserved vacation. This with a view of the horizon. The blue and red represent the opposite colors and therefore represent the ying yang of life. The rest and the peace appears to be the redemption of the water. Water is life. 8888888888888888888888888888 Special thanks to @treepack. And the city of Middelkerke 🌅